New social networking “Buttons” for the website

So i was online and i wanted to add some buttons for facebook, Twitter, Myspace, tumblr. etc. and i looked around and found some cool blue 3d Glossy Orbs on

It inspired me to create my own and make it personal to CineScope Media. I used the same background that i used for the CSM Logo. I created the specific sites logos in photoshop. Either by using their own or creating a very similar design.  Let me know what you think.

CSM Facebook ButtonCSM Twitter ButtonCSM Myspace ButtonCSM Tumblr. Button

You can see it in use at

“Without Jill” in Hollywood

Yesterday we went to Hollywood to shoot a short film called “Without Jill” Actually we were right under Hollywood. Literally

Filming below the Hollywood SignShooting “Without Jill” in Hollywood

“Without Jill” is a Wishing Well Pictures production. It was nice meeting and working with the guys over there. Everyone did a great job and we had a blast. Kent and Luke Moran lead the shoot with Kent directing and Luke Playing “Jack”. Playing opposite of Luke was Catesby Bernstein as “Jill”. Colin Insley was the 1st AD and did a mighty fine job just like the rest of the crew: Blake Hooks | 1st AC, Zack Allen | Sound Mixer, John-Michael Damato | Boom Operator, Sita DeFrate | Makeup Artist, Jeff Fullmer | Scripty, Matt Phillips | Key Grip, Jason Sanders | DP. I can’t wait to see the final cut.

Dustin Cantrell Photography

This is a short video i made for my good Friend/Photographer Dustin Cantrell. He has a lot of pictures from all around the world. He is originally from bakersfield, but has since bounced around. He is currently back in Bakersfield and we made this v…

MTV Shoot

We just got back from an MTV shoot. It was a great learning experience. It was fun working out at California City Studios, a huge film lot with multiple sets in the Mojave desert. It’s always a blast working with Gail and Russell, (the owners of California City Studios) they are always so accommodating.

We had a good time, and it was a long four day shoot. It started in Mojave AeroSpace port and ended in Santa Clarita. The show we worked on will be out soon and i will post more pics once the episode it is out. Until then, here is a picture of me sitting on 1300 boxes that were used for a “stunt”.

Jason on 1300 Boxes for MTV shoot

Johnny Love Vodka

The NEW Johnny Love Vodka teaser commercial and WEB version are almost done. I can’t wait to share. It should be online by monday! Check back soon! In the mean time, here are some fun spec ads we made up with the help of Dustin Cantrell’s Photo’s. For more info on him go to DustinCantrell.comJohnny Love Vodka Spec Ad 1

Johnny Love Vodka Spec Ad 2

Johnny Love Vodka Spec Ad 3

NEW Revolution Home Theater Commercial Check out the Newest…

NEW Revolution Home Theater Commercial

Check out the Newest Revolution Home Theatre Commercial. It is going to air on February 2nd, at 9pm. The spot is geared towards “LOST”.

We had a lot fun making the “LOST” inspired commercial. John Walker and Chris O’Donnell of Revolution Home Theater are big fans of the show as well. They called me early this week and asked if we could shoot something for the premiere. We knocked it out in two days total, including editing. It was shot on the RED ONE in 4K, and edited in FCP and final touches in After Effects. Some of Andrew Kramers’ “Optical Flares” can be seen as well.

It plays a little weird and dark on YouTube. You can also check it out my

Let me know what you think of the spot.

New Commercial is online

NEW Revolution Home Theater LOST inspired commercial.

It will air on tuesdays premiere of LOST on ABC

Check it out