More Bows and Arrows Mod for Minecraft PE 0.12.1

The More Bows and Arrows Mod is an appropriate addition to minecraft pe for players who prefer to do combat from a long range. This game gives us greater sort of bow and arrow with new functions and it’s going to assist you create extra new type of bow and arrow.For example, if you want to transport from one area to another you simplest use teleport answer bow. The bows brought with the aid of this Mods for Minecraft PE have a tendency to used to made through wooden, and a lot of them include effects as nicely. The entirety began with easy reinforcement bow, is accomplished the usage of a trendy bow at complete situations and blended it with a few greater string, a stick and some stone blocks.There are numerous type of bows and arrows for you selected.
Item IDs and Crafting Recipes:
This MCPE Mods is superb for individuals who prefer ranged fight. The following are the new form of bow and arrows that you can construct in the game:
– Ender Pearl (749)
– Spectral Arrow (753) – 4 glowstones + 1 arrow
– Arrow Ender (751) – 1 ender pearl + 1 arrow
– Invinsibility Arrow (754) – 1 arrow + potion of invisibility
– Arrow Fire (750) – 1 blaze powder + 1 arrow
– Movement Speed Arrow (755) – 1 potion of swiftness + 1 arrow
– Arrow Movement Slow (752) – 1 potion of slowness + 1 arrow
– Ender Bow (805, 806, 807, 808, 809) – 3 strings + 3 sticks + 2 ender pearls
– Potion Bow (820, 821, 822, 823, 824) – 3 diamonds + 1 potion + 3 strings
– Diamond Bow (810, 811, 812, 813, 814) – 3 diamonds + 3 strings
– Flame Bow (800, 801, 802, 803, 804) – 3 blaze rods + 3 strings
More Bows and Arrows ModMore Bows and Arrows ModAuthor: Wartave
Download: More Bows and Arrows Mod
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2011 brings Updates + Pics + New Reel

I know it has been a while and people are wondering whats the status on many projects so i figured now was the best time to update everyone. Here is the rundown:

Here we go!

CineScope Media Reel for 2010


Phase Two:

Finishing up in post. We are very close to being complete, just sound and color.

Downtown Missile VFX Still from Phase TwoDowntown Missile VFX Still from Phase Two

Landmine VFX Still for Phase TwoLand mine VFX Still from Phase Two

Stay tuned for more info on Phase Two very soon!
Phase Two official movie site 

The Deadlines:
Also very close, still in post VFX, sound and color as well.
The Deadlines official movie website 

The Lackey:
In Post. We will keep you updated.
The Lackey official movie website

We teamed up with Blare Media again and shot this Sci-Fi thriller by Bryan Hiltner of Portland, OR. It started back in September for two weeks, another two in October and one more week yet to come. We will keep you posted on this one as well. You can also follow sLipPage official movie website


We recently had the great opportunity of working on some commercials for Kaplan College and Kaplan University with Blare Media and JP Marketing.
Watch the commercials here.


One Mile Away – SPORTDANK featuring FRANK NITTY & BAD AZZ
This was a fun music video shoot. Mainly because everyone was just having a great time and because the director, Tony Warren, made the shoot a breeze and stay on beat.
One Mile Away by SPORTDANK featuring FRANK NITTY & BAD AZZ

This was also just one big party. Rickey Bird was great (not to be confused with his son Rickey Bird jr. of Hectic Films, who is also great.) We had a great cast and crew. It was well put together and a change of pace to shoot a comedy. 




I hope this answers some questions and gets you up to date with CineScope Media and our projects. Let us know what you think on our blog or on our Facebook.

Thanks and we look forward for whats to come in 2011.

CineScope Media

The Deadlines + Trailer

Virgil Crane (George the Giant McArthur) of The Deadlines


People stay up for a consistent 24 hours all the time; playing video games, working or whatever else calls them to do so. However, filming a 90-minute feature in 24 hours is not a daily endeavor in the film industry.

CineScope Media co-owner Jason Sanders and CSM associate Blake Hooks decided that it was time to put the team to the test; film their feature, “The Deadlines” in one location, in 24 hours and attempt to set a World Record.

Jason and Blake explained the hype for filming our next movie in a 24 hour time period, “The 24-hour deadline to film the entire movie was a big thing that we’ve thought of for a while, because as a filmmaker, you want it to be done the next day. You want it right then and there. Plus, a feature film has not been done in 24 hours that we can find that’s credible. There are plenty of short-films but we haven’t found any features. All filmmakers are looking to do what hasn’t been done yet. The idea of being able to say that we got everyone together and shot a feature film in 24 hours was one of the biggest driving factors and the fact that everyone is so pumped to do it. Our actors are going to live and breathe their character for 24 hours. There is no getting in and out of character on this project.”

“The Deadlines” is the story of Travis Levon (Rickey Bird), a hard-working businessman who is willing to do anything to get the job done and please his boss. He is forced to finish writing a novel after famous horror author Simon Woodburn (Robin Steffen) suddenly dies.

Gavin Stone (James MacPherson), Travis’ callous boss, reminds him of the importance of this finale to an epic saga of books. “The Deadlines” will be the highest grossing book in history with pre-sales, and Mr. Stone won’t let a petty thing like death stop it from hitting shelves. Once Travis steps into the writer’s seat in Woodburn’s home, there is no turning back. As he types away at the computer, the twists and turns in the novel write themselves and come to life. Without warning, Travis and his girlfriend Kelly Hughes (Jenna Marie Bowers) are stuck in a world they have no escape from.

On August 8 and 9, our team gathered and began an attempt that took months of preparation. From 10 a.m. to 10 a.m., we were a bustling group of filmmakers, setting to prove to the world, and ourselves, that you don’t have to be a famous, large-scale production company to do something that hadn’t been done before.

“When you’re doing something you love to do, the passion drives you to stay up and meet your goal,” said Jason.

Preparing for this shoot was personally, a challenging project. We knew for months that we had 24 hours to film an entire movie, so we wanted every minute to count. Restless nights staying up with Jason and Blake trying to figure out shot lists, props, wardrobe and food were just some of the undertakings for “The Deadlines.”

“Preparing for the actual day of the shoot included printing novel covers at the last minute, gathering props and wardrobe. It’s especially difficult when you have a 7’4” actor who is supposed to wear overalls,” said Jason.

Our idea to make the actual shoot happen in 24 hours came down to this: Each room was a set, so it had to be ready to go at any given time. Our awesome grips were on the ball making sure that rooms were ready to go up to two scenes ahead of time.

Jason explained the importance of the room preparation, “Dressing the set meant every room had to be available at all times because we were shooting it in 24 hours, we had to be able to move from one room to the next without stopping to dress it.”

The entire film was shot on the RED One camera. So, it’s not like we were running around with handy-cams; Jason and Blake co-camera operated and hauled the 90-pound camera around set for the entire 24 hours! Talk about a work out. With help from the first assistant camera, Steven Borzachillo, the guys were able to stay on track and focused for the scenes.

As if an awesome crew and amazing cast aren’t enough to work with, Red Bull sponsored us with cases of the delicious liquid energy to keep us going, some of us for more than just 24 hours.

“Nothing can prepare you for a 24 hour shoot. ‘The Deadlines’ is the most difficult, stressful, fun and rewarding experience of my life. I now feel that our team can accomplish anything put in front of us. Thank you Red Bull for keeping my heart pumping,” said Blake.

The hours ticked away, Red Bulls were guzzled, dark circles took over our eyes, but the feat of filming “The Deadlines” in 24 hours was conquered. At 10 a.m. on August 9, the CSM team was finally able to celebrate and bask in our victory.

“Once it came to the final countdown at the end of the 24 hour shoot, it was surreal that we had made it to that point and actually had almost everything shot. The few things that we didn’t manage to get before, we frantically ran around to get the final shots we needed. With about a minute to spare, we met inside the kitchen and decided to film a key shot in the film,” said Jason.

Filming an entire 90-minute feature in 24 hours was definitely a challenging project; not just prepping for a film, but mentally as well. Some call it crazy, some say it can’t be done. But we love what we do. We have the manpower, the drive and the skills to do so. My respect for my fellow associates grows with each project and seeing everyone come together for this film makes me feel lucky to work with these people. These experiences are amazing and I wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else.

And here it is. The official trailer for the feature film, “The Deadlines.” Filmed in 24 hours, in one location and all by CineScope Media.

Inspiring Commercial from 1996


I recently revisited one of the best commercials from my childhood. I remember seeing this commercial on TV and thinking about being a boy and playing with toys in the same manner. I think for most boys, their toys would seem to come to life and make their own adventures in a sense. This commercial from 1996 brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “think outside the box.”

The commercial title is “TOYS” and was done by an advertising agency for Nissan, TBWA. It was released in March 1997 and followed up by “TOYS II,” not as great in my opinion, but still a great commercial.

I hope you all remember this classic from 1996, and if you don’t … you’re welcome.


CSM, 1-800LoanMart, Hulk Hogan team up!


On June 9, CineScope Media had the opportunity to film four commercials for 1-800LoanMart starring Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart.

The ‘80s wrestling icon and his “Mouth of the South” manager made their way to the set at the Pro HD Rentals sound stage in Santa Monica. Their bigger-than-life personalities instantly made the CSM crew feel right at home and ready to take on the 12-hour shoot.

For this shoot I was the first assistant director. The first AD is the right hand to the director, Shaun Piccinino, which means that I was responsible for making sure that everything was going according to schedule throughout the day. Twelve hours may seem like a long time to have to film four 30-second commercials; but every minute counts.

Preparation for the 1-800LoanMart shoot began months before June 9 and continued up until the night before filming. Editor and CSM co-owner Jason Sanders expressed his feelings about getting ready for the day.

“The preparation leading up to the shoot day was a little chaotic because of everything that had to be assembled for the shoot. We had a lot of great people involved and they really made this thing happen without a hitch. From the guys at Empire Wrestling Federation who set up the wrestling ring, to the management and staff at Pro HD Rentals that helped save the day,” he said.

The night before the shoot, we were able to step inside the sound stage at Pro HD Rentals to see what our sets would be like. Pro HD Rentals owner Bob Bekian and his assistant Alex were there to make sure we knew where everything was and what was going to be available. They were very accommodating and made us feel right at home.

While we were at the sound stage, we met the guys from Empire Wrestling Federation that set up the wrestling ring that we’d be filming Hulk inside of. Jesse Hernandez and his crew spent over four hours setting up the ring and did a professional job at making sure to keep the green screen in perfect condition.

The concept for the commercials involved Hulk popping up unexpectedly to tell car owners that by using 1-800LoanMart, they can get an auto title loan based off the value of a vehicle that is paid off or almost paid off … and you keep your car! Our actors were broke, without girlfriends and had no life; but they owned their cars. Hulk and Jimmy turned their day around and referred them to 1-800LoanMart to “pin down the cash they needed.”

We worked with Tommy Iorio and Armand Acuna from Rio Media, an advertising agency based out of Huntington Beach. Having them on set during the shoot was a big help for us. We had the 1-800LoanMart guys, Hulk and his crew, the CSM crew and the groups of people that were in-and-out all day. But, with Tommy and Armand, we were able to stay focused and make sure that we were capturing each concept that had been so carefully discussed and planned out.

In the midst of a chaotic day with setting up scenes, getting our actors in and out of make-up and being 10 steps ahead of what we were doing, Jason said he loved watching everything come together.

Having such a hard working crew is a huge asset on set because I depend and rely on everyone putting in 110 percent and when they all come out and put 150 percent …  I am left speechless. Everyone performs so well together; I am proud to say that the biggest compliment I get is how well our crew works together and that makes me proud,” he said.

Along with an amazing, hard-working crew and the company of everyone else, we had a great lunch catered by Rosie’s Catering Service from Chatsworth. CSM co-owner Ernie Klawitter picked a menu of barbecue chicken, tri-tip, baked beans, seasoned potatoes, chicken salad and other goodies to fill our tummies. He and his assistant Barney Adams kept us fed with sandwiches in the afternoon and lots of baked goods throughout the day.

Months of preparation all led to a 12-hour day, working with Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart, and showing the guys at Rio Media and 1-800LoanMart that a 13-man crew from Bakersfield can do a professional job, no matter what the gig is.

Jason said, “The highlight of the day for me was being able to watch everything that we had planned come together so smoothly and to be able to see the final product unfold in front of my eyes. It was an amazing day.”

“I think the one thing out of this that I will remember longer than anything else, is what a fantastic job the crew did. We started strong and we finished even stronger than we started. We were able to get so much more completed then we had hoped.

That takes a professional and dedicated cast and crew to accomplish that. So thanks to all,” said Klawitter.

The day couldn’t have run smoother. That takes a dedicated, professional crew. I’m glad to have shared the experience with a great group of people I work with, who I can also call my great friends.

That’s one hard days’ work, brother.

For more information about Pro HD Rentals, visit

Read Jesse’s thoughts at

To view more pictures go to:

CineScope Media and Hulk Hogan

CineScope Media Crew and Hulk Hogan – From top: Blake Hooks, Ian McAleece, Jason Sanders, Hulk Hogan, Steven Borzachillo, Nick Reisinger, Justin McAleece, Seggan Moore, Tattie Grace, Rickey Bird Jr., Zack Allen, Shaun Piccinino and Ryan Najibi (not pictured Ernie Klawitter)

Phase Two : Official Trailer

Well, it is finally here! “Phase Two” the OFFICIAL TRAILER!

We have been working hard to get this finished and online, and its finally here! It has been a while since the TEASER TRAILER and a solid two weeks working on the trailer to get it to where it is. It was hard narrowing down what we would show, but Blake Hooks did a great job putting this together.  We are happy with it, and hope you are also.

Take a few minutes and let us know what you think.


On another “Phase Two” note, we are just wrapping the entire movie and will be posting more details soon on the premiere date.

Check back soon!


In march of this year we had the opportunity to work on a great short piece entitled “IMPACT”. Hectic Films lead the production with an amazing crew that did everything from pre-production to creating the props of “IMPACT”. Blare Media of Fresno lead the RED ONE camera into battle, with Ian and Justin McAleece at the helm. The two cinematographers did a great job using the tools around them to make nice artistic shots and the feeling of the dramatic “IMPACT” real.

CineScope Media came on board to have Jason Sanders Direct and Edit the short. Directing was easy because of the great cast and crew. Working alongside Rickey Bird jr.; who also played the lead; made the job easier to direct as the two have been working together for years. Editing was a different task.

Once in post, there were a few scenes that needed some work. The “Prison” scenes all needed some sort of keying or rotoscoping. A green screen was keyed out and replaced with a  jail background. The “Mugshot” scene had a light switch in the BG that needed to be removed and the whole color needed to be toned down to a drab color. The “Judge” scene with N.L. Belardes was also modified. We added the american flag, and the “In God We Trust” lettering above his head. One of the smallest tricks was the “Casket” scene. It was done by having the adorable Mychael Bird lay down on a dog bed in a living room. Next we laid track around her and shot straight down on the dolly with a pass over her “Still” body. Then took a trip to ABOUT CASKETS and the amazing staff there let us take footage of a casket door closing. came back to the office, opened the comp in After Effects, rotoscope, add shadow, and viola! Another nice subtle effect was the “Line up” scene where the men lined up are reflected in the dirty glass. I will try to make a short video on the that effect and more used in the video.

The Poem was written twenty-six years ago by Rickey Bird. He wrote it after having a dream about the same situation happening to his son, Rickey Bird jr. (of Hectic Films). The poem has been waiting for the opportunity to make it onto a screen, and now, the time has come.

Thanks to everyone for helping make a great video.

Please leave comments and let us know what you think. 

(P.S. life is better in HD)

Phase Two is almost there!

Blake Hooks and I have been editing each week for at least three days solid to get Phase Two fine tuned and done. We are hoping to have it finished as soon as possible. It’s very close now, but a few more adjustments and we will be there.


Another Inspirational Commercial from Martin Krejci

I have been watching Martin Krejci’s work for about six months now, and i must say that i am baffled at most of it. It is always so unique and clean. It gets me excited and gives me inspiration to be better.

Martin Krejci is very well known for his fast paced/slow motion mixture. He takes a very artistic approach to his commercials.

More of his work can be viewed online at: Stink Berlin

1-800LoanMart Fact TV Commercial

We are currently working on a couple of 1-800LoanMart Commercials. The first one is completely graphical. We used After Effects and Photoshop. Hope you like it.